Dr Mac’s Mask Detoxing Chi Energy Mask

This energizing mask imparts a luminous and healthy glow to the skin. Chinese herbal therapy stimulates the skin’s energy as it heals the ravages of the world against the body’s primary protection – the skin. The “Ee Wah Kee”* clay base’s ionic detox is both absorptive and adsorptive against free radicals and toxins. Additionally, essential oils for hydration and nature’s own cruciferous vegetable compound, Sulforaphane, for protection of the skin. “Fiji Water” 7.4pH and containing Silica, vital for collagen formation, completes the mask making it the most comprehensive available.

The mask can be used as a routine part of one’s skin care program as well as immediately after aesthetic procedures or skin trauma to accelerate healing and reduce bruising and swelling. Tested by Dr Moretz in his Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgery practice, the mask has been shown to speed recovery by 20-25%. If undergoing skin care by a medical professional, always consult them prior to use of Dr Mac’s Mask.

* Native American for “The Clay that Heals”

Dr Mac’s Mask Testimonies

Pamela S. February 2, 2011 at 11:04 pm
LOVE this mask! When I first put it on, it started to feel like my, face was being shrink wrapped! Got a little scared, it was so tight. THEN, I rinsed it off and my face was like a baby’s behind! I have recommended it to so many of my friends! I have to say, this is a part of my regime now. It is so healing and makes my skin look so refreshed! Pam Stanley

Lisa Beres February 3, 2011 at 5:52 pm
Yes, ditto here! I was a bit worried when I first put it on as it was so different than any other mask I had tried before. But, same results as you 🙂 Good stuff indeed!!

Toni L. February 6, 2011 at 1:49 pm
I have never used a mask like this before! It produced the most amazing “first-time results” I have ever had from a beauty product. You can feel it working while it is on your skin and when you remove it, the results are even more visible. Knowing that the mask is made of natural ingredients and by Dr. Moretz makes it a product you can trust. I highly recommend it!

Hi –
After a facial procedure I was asked by Dr Moretz to use Dr Mac’s Mask on half of my face while recovering. The results were amazing. After two weeks the side I applied the mask to was visibly improved. It healed much faster then the side without.
This is my favorite product for my face now. When you have the mask on you can fill the toxins being pulled from your skin. Instantly after using the mask my skin fills rejuvenated, the pores are visibly smaller. The skin fills and looks firmer lifted. My husband has a problem with black and white heads on his cheek area. Not anymore, Dr Mac’s Mask cleared it up in a couple days. I can’t wait to be able to purchase this product.

Thank you Dr Moretz

Dr. –
I used the mask last night and WOW!!! It is so active as it dries, you can really feel it working. My skin does appear slightly tighter. So far so good. I’ll keep you posted.



AminoGuard is a clinical nutrition with unique anti-oxidation and anti-inflammatory properties. AminoGuard stimulates the body to produce an enzyme called SOD (superoxide dismutase). When first discovered in 1968, it was dubbed ‘the enzyme of life’, because SOD is the first antioxidant mobilized by the cell. Importantly, SOD is different from antioxidants such as vitamins. AminoGuard peptides helps the body from the inside out in a more fundamental way than traditional anti-oxidants by stimulating the body’s innate defense system. In addition, AminoGuard effectively lowers TNF-alpha level in the body. TNF-alpha is a pro-inflammatory factor that inhibits collagen synthesis and enhances collagen degradation, which contribute to signs of aging skin.


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