Mid face lift Beverly Hills facts

What is a Midface Suspension procedure?
Midface suspension, also referred to as a cheek or midface lift, corrects sagging midface tissues by surgically repositioning them up and to the side. This accomplishes several goals: volume enhancement of the midface region, elimination of hollows in the area, and a gentle smoothing of the tissues just below the eyes. A successful midface suspension can be a key step in achieving the youthful appearance sought after in facial rejuvenation.


Who is a candidate for Midface Suspension?
Individuals with sagging cheek tissues, excess cheek skin, and/or hollow or flat cheeks are potential candidates for midface suspension surgery. The procedure can be performed alone or in combination with a forehead lift (if indicated) or a facelift, particularly if there is excess loose neck tissues. Midface suspension can also diminish a prominent nasolabial fold, which is the groove that runs from the outside base of the nose to the outside corner of the mouth. A simple test to get an indication of what the procedure might do for someone’s appearance is to place the fingertips in the middle of the cheek, to the side of the mouth, and gently push up and to the side.
How is a Midface Beverly Hills Suspension Performed?

During a conventional midface suspension procedure, the surgeon makes small incisions in the area above the ear, and in some cases through the mouth. A small endoscope and instruments are introduced through the incisions to lift the delicate midface tissues off the cheek bones. At least one loop of suture is then passed through the cheek tissue and secured to the soft tissues above the ear. In some cases, the suspension suture is introduced through the skin and secured without elevating cheek tissue off the bones. In all cases, the surgeon relies upon suture to fix and hold the suspended cheek in its new position.

Two new products, the ENDOTINE Midface ST and Endotine Midface B offers surgeons an intuitive, predictable alternative for cheek suspension, enabling shortened operative times and improved aesthetic outcomes. Offering the flexibility of insertion through a variety of approaches, the ENDOTINE Midface gradually dissolves after providing secure fixation during the healing period