Here are a few Anti-Aging tips:

1. Have a Glowing Green Smoothie every day. Uncooked greens and vegetables are a powerful beauty secret. The living enzymes in uncooked greens and vegetables contribute to skin health by acting as catalysts that assist body processes like digestion, detoxification, and rebuilding.

About 50% of the body’s energy can be consumed in the various processes of digestion. By eating raw foods which have their enzymes intact, our energy can be freed up for other tasks, including repairing and rebuilding the collagen in the skin, keeping it youthful looking and minimizing wrinkles and the visible signs of aging. Unfortunately, the valuable enzymes, proteins and vitamins found in foods are heat sensitive and can be damaged or destroyed by normal cooking temperatures. In fact, cooking can easily destroy a food’s entire enzyme reserve. So pack as many completely raw greens, salads, veggies, sprouts and fresh herbs into your diet as you can!

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An easy way to get a large amount of easily digestible greens is consuming my Glowing Green Smoothie every day if possible, or at least 3 times a week. Because the greens have been blended and therefore “predigested,” much of the nutrition which has been kept intact within the cellplast walls is burst open and readily available to the cells, without us having to use up our precious reserves of enzymes. Consuming the Glowing Green Smoothie regularly will start to shift the pH of the body into a more alkaline state, provide lots of energy, and start to detox acidic byproducts out of the body. Best of all, by adding the Glowing Green Smoothie into the daily diet, other toxic foods naturally start to be eliminated as energy increases! You feel so good that you stop even wanting those foods. These would include coffee, sodas, foods with processes flours and refined sugars, etc.

My delicious recipe is available online at

2. Use Stevia or Raw Agave Nectar as your main sweetener, and cut out all refined sugar as well as artificial sweeteners, including Splenda, Equal and Sweet ‘n Low and all products that contain them. So yes! The Diet Coke must go. The glycemic index is a measure of how various foods affect our blood glucose levels. Stevia is 0 on the glycemic index, and raw agave is a fairly low-glycemic raw plant sweetener. In contrast, ALL artificial sweeteners are high on the glycemic index, around a rating of 80 (on a scale of 0 to 100). Even normal sugar only scores a 70! Artificial sweeteners can also stimulate your appetite, increase carbohydrate cravings, and stimulate fat storage and weight gain. These and all other high glycemic foods can contribute to glycation (wrinkling) of the skin by constantly causing inflammation to the skin. If we keep our blood-sugar levels in equanimity, our skin will also stay more smooth and young-looking.

3. Use ONLY Celtic or Himalayan sea salt. These specific sea salts are unique among salts because they are dried by the sun and wind (if you are unsure of a brand be sure to check the label)- a process that allows 70 minerals and trace elements, enzymes and even marine microorganisms to remain intact. Other sea salts are kiln-dried, which causes valuable magnesium and most other minerals to evaporate. Normal table salt is the worst of all, being irradiated and denatured sodium chloride. It not only has no nutritional benefit, it is “mineral hungry” and will deplete your skin of minerals and hydration, which is very aging. So ban all other salts, and make the switch to Celtic sea salt!

4. Eat your Papayas. Papayas are extremely beautifying for the skin and hair. They contain a lot of alkalizing minerals such as calcium, Vitamin A and collagen-healing Vitamin C, while their enzymes soothe the digestive tract. Papayas are also very high in the protease enzyme papain, which will cleanse the skin and tighten the skin’s collagen tissue.

5. Drink Detox Tea and the Detox Smoothie. Our bodies are constantly exposed to toxins from the environment, our diet and chemicals from products we put on ourselves. Over time, these toxins promote illness and can accelerate skin aging. The liver is the blood’s filtering system, and when it becomes overloaded, the liver stops effectively filtering and neutralizing the toxins that enter the body. These excess toxins continue circulating and are deposited in fatty tissue, building up over time. The long-term effects of toxic overload are manifested externally in the form of wrinkles and spotted, leathery skin.

Fasts and cleanses are important, but it is also important to detox on an ongoing basis, as new toxins are constantly entering our bodies. One of the easiest and tastiest ways to promote healthy liver function is to drink Detox Tea and/or the Detox Smoothie 2-3 times per week. My recipe is available online at

6. Add sea vegetables to your diet. Sea vegetables are about 12 times richer in minerals than average vegetables. They are an especially good source of iodine, which regulates the metabolism by feeding the thyroid, iron, B6, B12, and the beauty mineral magnesium, which opens over 300 different detoxification pathways in the body. You can throw sea vegetables such as dulse, hijiki and arame in salads or make nori wraps stuffed with salad. All are available at any health store.

7. Eat only organic produce. I cannot stress enough how important it is to choose organic, albeit more pricey. Organic produce has approximately 88% more nutritional value than commercially grown produce, and this would absolutely include the beauty minerals (zinc, selenium, iron, etc.) that we need to keep our skin and hair luscious and healthy. Organic produce is grown in living, mineral-rich soil, which is the source from which these minerals are obtained.

One of the scary and huge problems with commercial produce is the spraying of pesticides. Pesticides are designed as neurotoxins, to attack the brain and the nervous system of biological species. Though our nervous systems are much more advanced than insects and it takes longer to poison us, it still happens and I believe has contributed to the rise of many diseases in our generation. These toxins in commercial produce are also aging and dulling to the skin as they infect the blood, which is supplying the skin cells. Remember: the cleaner the blood, the more beautiful the skin.

8. Consume plant-based protein sources. One can get more than adequate protein from plant-based sources, such as from greens, seeds and nuts, spirulina, blue-green algae, raw hemp protein powders, and bee pollen. The mighty gorilla, the strongest animal on earth, pound for pound, has a diet comprised of over 90% raw greens. Plant-based proteins are comprised of single-strand amino acids, making assimilation much easier into the body, and at the price of much less energy. Cooked animal protein is actually a denatured protein, since it is cooked at high temperatures, and requires an extremely high amount of energy and to digest. Ingesting excessive cooked and processed foods make us feel less energetic and alive, since the food has been heated, the enzymes denatured and destroyed and the food “dead.”

Studies have shown that when you cook your protein you lose 50% of it in its actual form. This means that 20 grams of raw plant protein is equal to 40 grams of cooked protein. Cooked animal protein is also acid-forming in the body and causes inflammation in the tissues, which by nature is aging. So replace these cooked animal proteins with the highly alkaline, collagen-building and anti-aging goodness of the wide variety of plant proteins wherever and whenever possible.

9. Be sure fatty fruits are a regular part of the diet. Fatty fruits powerfully work to make the skin supple, moisturized and youthful from within. Some of these common fatty fruits include avocados, coconuts (and coconut oil/butter) and durian. Avocados contain the beneficial monosaturated fats, as well as oleic acid. They are full of antioxidants and rich in necessary minerals like potassium, calcium, vitamins A, C and K, folic acid, copper, sodium and are extremely high in dietary fibers. Coconut oil is a cold pressed, cholesterol-free oil containing Lauric Acid, that stimulates thyroid function, increases metabolism and promotes weight loss. This medium chain good fat will keep your skin smooth and soft.