How long does the operation take?
The operation usually lasts a little more than an hour.

Where will the surgery take place?
The surgery will take place at our comfortable clinic and surgical center, located at 416 N. Bedford Drive, Suite 400, Beverly Hills, CA 90210

How experienced is Dr. Moretz?
A board certified surgeon, Dr. Moretz has performed thousands of procedures in outpatient and hospital settings and he is a respected Fellow of many medical associations.

Will I meet the Doctor before the surgery?
Of course! During the initial consultative process, Dr. Moretz will tailor a complete restoration program to fit your individual needs.

How is the M.A.C. Couture Lift? different from other lifts?
The M.A.C. Couture Lift? is a surgical lift that gives the result of four other procedures combined: limited face lift, neck lift, liposuction under the chin, and tightening of the neck muscles. Most other lifts are generally more superficial in location and don’t address as significantly the results of the area under the chin and of the jaw line.

Will Dr. Moretz use a local or general anesthetic?
A local anesthetic will be used. It is safer, has fewer adverse side effects and entails a much quicker recovery, than a general anesthetic.

Will I feel pain?
Pain is generally mild for 2-3 days and prescriptive pain medications are provided. All side effects of surgery are best treated with ice packs, head elevations and limited activity for the first 3-5 days after surgery. We provide recommendations in dietary and lifestyle modification to aid the body’s ability to heal and recover.

Can I return to work right away?
Return to work can be as soon as 5-7 days, depending on levels of activity.

Can I see before and after pictures?
Yes, you can see before and after pictures on our Web site here, and you will be shown several more in our office at your initial consultation.

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